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Buffalo Superbag Sleeping Bag

The best price found for Buffalo Superbag Sleeping Bag was £308.00. The average lowest price for the last 30 days was £308.00. With the lowest price over the last 30 days being £308.00. Prices were last updated on Monday, December 4, 2023*. Outer made from Pertex 6 Shell with AquaTherm Extreme pile lining with Pertex detachable Thermaliner. Designed for high altitude use on winter bivouacs. As weight and bulk are paramount for such usage, Buffalo clothing is intended to be used instead of an Inner Bag. It is advisable to use a bivi bag as well. The Thermaliner increases insulation, but also protects the pile from being clogged up with dirt when bivvying. Attached inside the outer by tape loops and toggles it is very easily washed and dries very quickly.

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