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Easy Camp Eclipse 300 Tent

The best price found for Easy Camp Eclipse 300 Tent was £104.49. The average lowest price for the last 30 days was £104.49. With the lowest price over the last 30 days being £104.49. Prices were last updated on Saturday, May 18, 2024*. The Easy Camp Eclipse 300 pitches outer first. This dome tent features a third pole set away from the main tent to create a large extended porch. This useful living area includes a groundsheet and has plenty of space to access stored gear perfect for activities like motorcycle camping, or any number of outdoor pursuits. Entry is via front and side doors. Two windows and their accompanying vents keep the porch bright and airy. The large Eclipse 300 is perfect for campers using a small car and looking for a space for those extra luxuries.

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tent Info

TypeFestival Tents, Tents, Weekend Tents, Tent
PitchingOuter First
BrandEasy Camp
Maximum Height130cm
Hydrostatic Head (flysheet)1500mm - 2500mm
Pack Size58x19cm
Pole StyleFibreglass
Tent Capacity3 person
Weight Range4.01kg - 6kg
Hydrostatic Head - Flysheet2000mm