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Exped SynMat 7 M Camping Mat

Compare prices across 2 in stock retailers. Exped SynMat 7 M Camping Mat prices range from £100.00 to £102.99 potentially saving you £2.99 when you compare prices through easybuytent. The average lowest price for the last 30 days was £100.00. With the lowest price over the last 30 days being £100.00. Prices were last updated on Monday, December 4, 2023*. Exped SynMat 7 Pump Camping Mat This airmat filled with synthetic fiber is super comfortable, warmer and lighter than regular sleeping mats. The SynMat packs down small thanks to the microfiber filling that compresses extremely well. Quick inflation with the ingenious integrated pump. The SynMats do not reach the insulating properties of our DownMats but offer the same comfort, low weight and compact packed size. They come at a lower price point as synthetic fiber is less expensive than the goose down found in our DownMats. The weight to warmth ratio is far superior to standard foam filled sleeping mats.*Both low profile valves (pat. pend) one for inflation and the other for deflation ensure ease of use. As the valves are flat and not on the mats edge they do not protrude and are therefore protected and durable.*Welded baffles between the microfiber filled chambers, unlike traditional airmats, eliminate cold spots and create a comfortably supportive and stable air cushion.*Laminated polyester fabric is both durable, airtight and humidity resistant. The shells top surface is of brushed polyester fabric that provides excellent slip resistance and comfort next to the skin. The seams are high frequency welded for durability.*Two loops at the head end can be used to secure the packsack to the mat when used as a pillow.*Light and warm The Synmat 7 has a heat resistance value (R value) of 4.9. At about the same weight a standard 2.5 cm self inflating mat only offers a R value of 2.5. EMPA tests demonstrated that regular mats lose 3x more heat to cold ground than to the air. The conclusion is that a warmer mat is more important than a warmer sleeping bag.*Included repair kit with adhesive and fabric patches.SynMat 7 SSize 163 x 52cm 64 x 20Thickness 7 cm 2.8Weight 770 g 27.2 ozPacked 23 x 14 cm 9 x 5.5Temperature 17C 1FFilling Texpedloft Microfiber. R value 4.9 SynMat 7 MSize 183 x 52cm 72 x 20Thickness 7 cm 2.8Weight 860 g 30.3 ozPacked 21 x 15 cm 8.2 x 6Temperature 17C 1FFilling Texpedloft Microfiber. R value 4.9 SynMat 7 LWSize 197 x 65cm 77.5 x 26Thickness 7 cm 2.8Weight 1100 g 38.8 ozPacked 27 x 15 cm 10.6 x 6Temperature 17C 1FFilling Texpedloft Microfiber. R value 4.9 SynMat 9 LWSize 197 x 65 cm 77.5 x 26Thickness 9 cm 3.5Weight 1170 g 41 ozPacked 27 x 16cm 10.6 x 6.3Temperatur 25C 13FFilling Texpedloft Microfiber. R value 6.0

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