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Optimus Crux Lite Solo Stove and Cookset

The best price found for Optimus Crux Lite Solo Stove and Cookset was £52.99. The average lowest price for the last 30 days was £52.99. With the lowest price over the last 30 days being £52.99. Prices were last updated on Saturday, May 18, 2024*. Optimus Crux Lite with Terra Solo Cook SystemThe smallest most ultra light 3 piece Cook System combines the Crux Lite stove and Solo Cook Set. Set includes Crux Lite stove (72 g 2.5 oz) 0.6 L (hard anodized aluminum) saucepan with pouring lip and measuring marks (mL and oz) fry pan that doubles as a lid mesh storage bag and nylon storage bag to store Crux Lite stove. Note When traveling the set also offers ample space for a 110 g 4 oz gas cartridge and Optimus Folding Spork (not included). Features*Compact and ultra light 3 piece cooking system consisting of an Optimus Crux Lite gas stove and the T erra Solo.*Powerful and stable 3000 W burner for efficient cooking.*Large burner head for optimal heat distribution.*Precise flame control simmering without burning.*Terra Solo cooking set of hard anodized aluminum.*Offers perfect space for a 100 g gas cartridge and a folding spork.Specifications*Average boil time for 1 L of water 3 min 1 l water depending on climate altitude etc.*Average burn time up to 90 min at maximum output (230 g canister).*Dimensions (cm) 10.7x13.6.*Dimensions (in) 4.2x5.4.*Fuel type Butane propane isobutane gas canister (not included).*Kit includes Terra Solo Cookset with Mesh Bag and Crux Lite Ultralite Stove.*Output (BTU) 10200.*Output (W) 3000.*Technology Gas.*Warning Never put empty cookware on a burning stove. This can result in damage to the Heat Exchange and cause fire burns or severe injury.*Weight (grams) 272 g.*Weight (oz) 9.5

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